Moody Lizard


moody-figurine-lizardPaint lizard any color desired. Remember Moody Paint works best when applied over dark colors. You may also use ink pens. Allow to dry completely.

Please start with a new paint brush open Moody Paint and mix. Do not add water. Remember just a little Moody Paint goes a long way! Apply Moody Paint over the parts you would like to change color. Moody Paint will appear milky at first and will clear as it dries. Allow to dry completely.

Average drying time is about 60 minutes.

To speed drying time you can use a blow dryer on the light setting passing back and forth over the Moody Paint surface. Do not hold blow dryer too close to the surface as it could damage your art work and only do so with adult supervision.

Kit includes:

  • Directions
  • 3 Grams Moody Paint
  • 1 Lizard
  • 1 Paintbrush

Price $14.95

Add $2.50 for handling fees in addition to shipping cost.