How to use Moody Paint

Moody Paint is safe and non-toxic. It can be touched with your hands and washes off with warm water. One gram of Moody Paint will cover approximately 35-45 square inches of surface area.

  1. Please start with a new paint brush open Moody Paint and mix. Do not add water. Remember just a little Moody Paint goes a long way!
  2. Apply Moody Paint to any dry horizontal flat surface including wood, paper, ceramic, glass, plastic, metal, foam, or any dry painted surface. Moody Paint will appear milky at first, but will clear as it dries.
  3. Never apply Moody Paint over a wet surface. Always check with your hands to make sure the surface is dry.
  4. Moody Paint is most vibrant when applied over dark surfaces/colors. For a visual color reference please view the Moody Paint Color Chart. Do not apply Moody Paint over white, yellow, pink, or any light colors.
  5. Apply a thin coat of Moody Paint over the surface area you would like to change color. Once applied do not disturb the surface and allow Moody Paint to dry.
  6. Drying time is about 60 minutes at room temperature. However drying times will vary depending on the surface Moody Paint is being applied to as well as the ambient room temperature.
  7. To speed drying time you can use a blow dryer on the light setting passing back and forth over the Moody Paint surface. Do not hold blow dryer too close to the surface as it could damage your art work and only do so with adult supervision.

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