New-Moody-logo-BlackMoody Paint was created for everybody of all ages. Moody Paint is a Touch/Temperature Sensitive Color Changing Art and Craft Paint. Once Moody Paint is applied to almost any dark surface it will change color! Moody Paint is safe and non-toxic.

Fifteen years ago artist Blane Kivley began research and development on Liquid Crystal, Thermochromic, and Photochromic technology focusing on how this technology blended with other materials both mechanically and esthetically. Please reference Over the years several color changing art pieces have been created some of which can be seen at the Mickey Mouse Penthouse at the Disneyland Hotel as well as Clint Eastwood’s home in Carmel California.

All the while many people have contacted us asking how to use this technology for their own art and craft projects. Thus Moody Paint was born! Now Moody Paint can be in the hands of everyone! We are so excited about the future of Moody Paint and how many new pieces of color changing art and craft projects will be created.

Shouldn’t all art be living! Moody Paint